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Cortina’s central position means you can reach the points of departure for the most amazing excursions quickly.

An active holiday in unspoilt mountain scenery with a massive choice of sports and leisure activities.
Alpine Guides, Hiking and excursions, climbing, clibing paths, Mountain bike, Trekking e Nordic walking, canyoning.

  • Dolomiti in estate
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    Climbing is a truly addictive sports discipline. Concentration, balance, strength, fitness, self-control and technique are fundamental in climbing.
  • Dolomiti in estate
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    The trekking trips that can be done around Cortina d’Ampezzo are numerous and have considerable historical, naturalistic and scenic interest.
  • Dolomiti in estate
  • Climbing paths

    Climbing paths in the Dolomites came into being only after the first world war and they cross the rocky areas that were once useful to the military to reach a strategic outpost or a mountain peak using easier, less exposed routes.
  • Cime delle Dolomiti
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    The Dolomites are photgraphed in many postcards and magazines but the truly enthusiastic photographer wants a special, rare image.