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The use of helicopters in the Dolomites is authorised only in a few limited and well delineated areas.

The Marmolada glacier at 3300 metres offers great opportunities to experience this magnificent activity, with fantastic slopes along this impressive glacier’s fresh snow and slopes covering over 1500 metres difference in altitude. It is also possible to ski over 12 km of perfectly beaten ski-slopes.

A different way to tackle the slopes, replacing the traditional helicopter to the ski lifts. 
An unforgettable experience that can not miss in the career of a skier.
A small group of friends, a helicopter, a whole valley, still asleep in the aftermath of a snowstorm, one or two mountain guides, hundreds of square kilometers of virgin snow powdery, long downhill ride, immersed in icy dust.

Individual prices with Alpine Guide: minimum of 4 persons, €390 per person.

Individual quotations with ski instructor: Indicated are indicative prices.

For reasons to do with safety tis is not a group activity, max. 5 persons.

Excursions are arranged with certified Alpine Guides or ski instructor.