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Ciaspes snow walking

Excursions on snow shoes called "ciaspes", are the natural continuation of summer hiking.

A fine, easy to enjoy activity which opens the user to the fantastic world of snowy mountains Private trips can be arranged, or trips for small groups according to the various needs of the participants.

Excursions are organized depending on you needs.

Departure: the Dolomites Cortina d’Ampezzo Natural Reserve or nearby

Itineraries: easy walks through the woods or more difficult excursions at altitude

Timings: according to participants’ level of fitness (from 2 hours upwards)

Equipment and clothing: normal skiwears, well layered if possible and always with a change of sweater in your back-pack for the end of the trip.

Hiking boots of the type used in summer can be used, of a weight that will be suitable for the type of walk intended.